Yesterday ASOS relaunched their exclusive invite-only blogger club ‘#AccessAllAsos, and this is how the clothing retailer utilises this ingenious online community of power social influencers to create rapid, organic marketing with minimal effort and expenditure.

Once upon a time, you’d flip open a magazine and see the familiar face of a celebrity beaming up at you, tantalising you to buy what clearly must be their favourite perfume, or lust after the jewels that dazzle from their wrists and collarbones.

Now, the web has changed the face of marketing and forced us to reconsider how we get to new who.

And not only has the majority of advertising moved online, our marketeers have, too. Nowadays, you’re just as likely to see a famous actress up on billboards as you are a famous youtuber, and see just as much #spon content coming from verified celebs as we do million-dollar bloggers.

Simply, there’s a new kid on the block, and they are revolutionising the way we market our products and brands; online social influencers.

One such business sector benefitting massively from this influx of influence is the fashion industry. Fashion bloggers now dominate Instagram feeds and Vogue pages internationally, sitting on front rows at Fashion Weeks and earning the big bucks both for and from designers worldwide. These bloggers have fanbases so dedicated and loyal they’ll take their every word and recommendation as gospel, which is nothing if not the marketing dream, right?

One retailer who ingeniously harnessed the monumental power of the blogger early on is ASOS, with their exclusive#AccessAllAsos super-squad. In the past couple of years, alongside the mushroom cloud expansion of fashion bloggers in the online realm, #AccessAllAsos is a project which has kept a close watch over the up-and-coming, scouting influential talent to join their club to enjoy benefits such as discounts, invites to exclusive events and regular little gifts sent through the post to reaffirm their brand loyalty.

Yesterday #AccessAllAsos staged an impressive yet effortlessly simple relaunch and Instagram went into meltdown with fashion bloggers enthusiastically sharing photos of their latest surprise – a framed, individually personalised mock-up front cover of the ASOS magazine (previously cover stars including Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence) with themselves as the star.

With most of these bloggers having individual followings of over 10k each, the reach garnered from this simple personalised experience is astronomical, improving the reputation of both the brand and blogger, and generating further loyalty from bloggers and customers, all of which translates into sales and growth.

It’s a win, win for everyone involved, and requires so little in regards of budget and effort to actually achieve. By flattering and ‘schmoozing’ social influencers, ASOS gain reliable brand ambassadors for their target audiences, AND have all of their outreach marketing done for them, by the bloggers who take to social media to celebrate and demonstrate their OWN powerful connections and reputation.

ASOS have ensured that these reputable influencers have such a positive experience of their brand that word of mouth is all the marketing they ever need.

And if that’s not a little slice of marketing genius, and prove that the experience is the marketing I don’t know what does.