’10 minutes on growth’ with Kathleen Warden, Director of Conference Sales at Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC)

When I hear the word ‘growth’, nature is the first thing that comes to my mind. But then I began to ponder the similarities and differences between growth in nature and growth in business. My first realisation is that things automatically grow when they’re in the right environment. It’s organic and organised, and while it [...]

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’10 minutes on growth’ with Chris Baréz-Brown, Founder of Upping Your Elvis

My view on growth is quite straightforward; I think people are far too obsessed with it. Too many companies think that growing makes things good, when actually I totally disagree. Everyone thinks it’s all about ‘chasing a bigger number’ and about ‘making more money’, and if they do that then everything will be well. I [...]

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